Viewpoint - Make Owners Responsible for Pets?

There has been a controversy for years over whether or not the owner's of dogs bred for aggression and viciousness should face certain regulation.  Frankly, I've had very mixed thoughts on the subject myself.  Next Tuesday, the Laurel City Council is going to take up the issue of placing responsibilities for the actions of certain breeds of dogs upon their owners.

Regardless of your feelings on the subject I'd like to urge you to do one thing.  You may have seen the story we ran this week on the attack of Tanya Barnes in Columbia by a Pit Bull while visiting in the living room of a friend.  I recommend that you go a step further if you haven't and view the full 11 and a half minute interview with her on our website  This lady has gone through something and begun on a journey of suffering no one should be subjected to.  It has turned her life upside down financially as well because of the medical costs that will no doubt ensue in reconstructing her face where the dog almost tore it off.  She is articulate and reasonable in her remarks and you can't help but have empathy for her situation.  It is a griping video.  Make up your own mind on the subject of what restrictions should or should not be placed on certain dogs and their owners.  But Tanya Barnes story is one you need to hear in her own words.  You won't be the same after you do.  I'm Jim Cameron with today's Viewpoint.  Let us hear what you think.