Hattiesburg seeks to end a stinky problem

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg has a stinky problem.

Monday evening, the City Council heard from city leaders who believe the odor many folks have come to commonly know is due to the build up of untreated waste water sent to the city's lagoon from the USA Yeast company.

City leaders believe the only way to put an end to the smell is to make USA Yeast treat their waste water before sending it to the lagoon. Independent environmental engineers told city leaders the current lagoon is being overwhelmed.

It was brought up during the meeting by Councilman Dave Ware that USA Yeast doesn't have a water meter for the city to accurately bill for the company's discharge.

Representatives from the Marshall Durbin plant were also at the meeting telling the council they have nothing to do with the smell, even though they've been blamed.

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