Columbia Police say progress is being made fighting burglaries

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - The Columbia Police Department says it is close to catching some of the people involved in a rash of burglaries.

Last week Columbia residents expressed their concerns in a town hall meeting about all of the break-ins.

Columbia police chief Jim Kinslow asked citizens to call police for any suspicious activity as soon as they saw it, and now he says the community has responded well.

"We want the community talking," said Kinslow. "If the community is talking, and they are being visual about watching out for each other and watching out for their neighbors, then that's the best thing that can happen to us."

Although many are frustrated, Kinslow said burglaries have decreased since the beginning of the year. So far, three people have been arrested for burglaries.

"It's been a slowdown since these people have been in jail, but we've still got some leads that we're following and we that there's still somebody out there," he added.

Michelle Smith has had 12 bikes stolen over the past three years; several of her neighbors have been recently burglarized as well.

"It's just very scary to know that whenever someone rings your doorbell you can't go to sleep at night," said Smith.

Smith said police have increased their presence in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Chief Kinslow said his department will continue to fight the burglaries.

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