Young cancer survivor describes ordeal

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

MOSELLE, MS. (WDAM)- Karie Mooney is a vibrant teenager from Seminary and a student at Lamar Christian School in Purvis. She is also a cancer survivor.

Mooney described how she learned about her diagnosis, "I was in the sixth grade and I had a fever the night before and I woke up and I had a sharp pain in my left side and we went to immediate care at Forrest General and then to Blair E. Batson," said Mooney.

At just twelve years old, Mooney learned she had a type of childhood kidney cancer called Wilms tumor. Mooney said, "I had a tumor the size of a honey dew melon, it was three pounds and I got the tumor, the left kidney and forty four lymph nodes removed."

Mooney also went through sixteen rounds of chemotherapy before her treatment was completed prior to the start of her seventh grade year. She said the experience of being a cancer patient stays with her everyday.

"Now that I've been through it, I wake up every morning, I see the sun shining and I think I've lived another day."

This year, Mooney is the co-captain along with her aunt of Covington County's Relay for Life. It's an inspiring fundraiser for life saving cancer research dollars and patient support services.

Mooney said, "Cancer is really, really sad, but there is always hope and there are good sides to everything." Karie Mooney's journey is one example of how true that is.

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