Book offers answer to abortion debate

HATTIESBURG, MS (THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI) – The highly contentious and emotionally charged abortion debate is best addressed from an impartial standpoint, according to a new book by Dr. Chris Meyers, University of Southern Mississippi assistant professor of philosophy.

Unlike most books on abortion, "The Fetal Position: A Rational Approach to the Abortion Debate," recently released by Prometheus Press, takes neither a pro-life nor a pro-choice stance. The book argues that philosophy provides a neutral forum for weighing the soundness of both sides of the abortion debate. It offers answers to questions such as: is it morally wrong for a woman to have an abortion? Or does a woman have a right to terminate her pregnancy?

"This is the first in a planned series of books on controversial moral issues," Meyers said. "I do not argue for either a pro-life or pro-choice position, but merely examine and criticize the arguments on both sides. The book should be of interest to anyone who has not made up his or her mind once and for all, but who is willing to carefully consider the issue and come to a conclusion based on an unbiased examination of the evidence and arguments."

According to Meyers, the rational analysis the abortion debate needs lies in moral philosophy, which consists of critical thinking, analysis of arguments and rationally weighing the reasons for and against certain actions or policies. Written for ordinary readers, this book provides an interesting and entertaining examination of the volatile subject.

Unfortunately, debates over moral issues like abortion, capital punishment, and gay marriage consist primarily of fear mongering, name-calling and slogans notes Meyers.

"Just look at the way that angry mobs have been shouting down representatives at recent town hall meetings held to discuss healthcare reforms," Meyers said. "I hope that it will help show readers how to engage in rational deliberation-not just about the abortion issue but about moral issues generally.

For more information on "The Fetal Position: A Rational Approach to the Abortion Debate," contact Dr. Chris Meyers at 601.266.4518 or

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