Marion County family upset with sheriff's department

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MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - It has been three weeks since the shooting death of Kenrodrick Jefferson, 29, who was shot outside of his Marion County home. Family members say they know who shot him, but they are just wondering now the sheriff's department arrested anyone.

"They need to get on their job and try to find that boy because they ain't even looking for him," said Kaleena Jefferson, the victim's wife. "I believe it's a set up and all of them got something to do with it."

Jefferson said the sheriff's department is not making the effort to make an arrest in the case

"They are not trying to find him, they are not trying to set up road blocks," said Jefferson. "I'm just saying they ain't even trying to find him; it's like they don't even care."

Jefferson and her family members said they saw who shot her husband.

"The boy was still standing in my yard with the gun in his hand and he jumped in his truck," said Jefferson. "It was him, his mother-in-law and his wife, and I guess he had noticed that he killed him and he jumped in the truck and left."

Kenrodrick's cousin, Matthew Newsome, said the family is having a hard time finding rest.

"My family is ruined by this," said Newsome. "Its' hurting them because of the fact they haven't found the person that killed my cousin. All they want is somebody to be responsible for this death."

Marion County Sheriff Berkley Hall said they have a person of interest, who is the same individual the Jefferson family claims shot Kenrodrick. Sheriff Hall said some of the puzzle pieces are not together.

"There's a lot of speculation; a lot of people are wondering why this guy is not in jail," said Hall. All I can say to the people is we want to make sure that we've got all of our evidence together."

The individual everyone is pointing at has had his home burned down and his mom's car was set on fire. The sheriff said he can't confirm if the acts were out of retaliation. Sheriff Hall said someone will be brought to justice. Hall is asking for the community's help.

"We're leaning very heavily toward him actually; he's the prime suspect right now," said Hall. "There's no doubt about it and I'll assure them that we're not going to let up until somebody is arrested for this."

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