Viewpoint - Census Day

This time last week we talked about the importance of filling out and sending in your census form.   Well today was designated census day as a way of reminding everyone to do just that.   So far only 52% of the population in the nation has bothered to send in their census forms.   The southeastern region of the country—in other words right where we live—is lagging even behind that.   This, despite the estimate that Mississippi was undercounted in the census 10-years ago and it cost us a congressional seat in the house of representatives and votes in the electoral college.   This has hurt our state and it hurts our nation.   If we want to get our share of things like federal funding for infrastructure and other vital needs…if we want our voices to be fairly heard…we have to participate in the census.   It doesn't take long to fill out a few questions and slip the forms in the mailbox.   But it can and will have long term consequences if we fail to do so…as the past 10 years have shown.   So, please…take your census form…fill it out and send it in.   I'm Jim Cameron for viewpoint.   Let us hear what's on your mind.