Viewpoint - Dems bent on bending us to their will

Just a couple of days ago Viewpoint said that Nancy Pelosi and other leaders of the Democratic party wanted to pass health care reform in it's present state of incomprehensible bureaucratic length and language by any means necessary.  Since then we have learned that it is even worse than we thought.  Besides tainting the bill with all sorts of wheeling and backroom dealing...the Dems have threatened the so-called nuclear option of reconciliation all along.  Now comes talk of employing the so-called Slaughter Rule which would allow the bill to be enacted into law without anyone even having the option of actually voting on it.  In an attempt to bypass not only the objections of the Republicans...but many lawmakers on the Democrat side of the aisle as well, this "Deem and pass" parliamentary slight of hand would deem the law passed without a vote on the bill itself.  I'm no legislative parliamentarian but to pull such a stunt in the case of a bill of this magnitude that will affect one sixth of our economy, and intimately affect all our lives...not to mention pile on debt for generations to come...will have our Founding Fathers churning up the real estate beneath which they now rest.  This is not representative democracy as we have been taught.  It is the political equivalent of a coup-d'état foisted upon us against the will of the American people in an egomaniacal power grab by Machiavellian means and socialistic intent.  We elect representatives to vote the will of the people...not engage in elitist conquest that stretches the constitution to its very limits to give them a win at any price.  This whole juggernaut by the majority party is shameful.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.  We'd like to hear what you have to say.