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Nathan's law dies this legislative session

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A bill aimed at strengthening school bus laws has died in a conference committee.

The bill known as Nathan's Law was killed this afternoon after legislators failed to agree on a compromise between the House and Senate versions of the bill. 

The original senate bill passed with no opposition and was sent to a house committee where several provisions were removed. 

Nathan Key's parents said they are upset with Rep. Ed Blackmon who removed those provisions in his committee.  

"Ed Blackmon has just as much respect for our children in the state of Mississippi as Dominic Gibbon had the day he ran over my son," said Lori Key. "I put him in the same category. We're not going to stop.  This is not the end and we will continue to push for a more comprehensive school bus safety law."

"It's not up to one man to decide that he knows better than the entire senate and the entire house, than everybody in the state of Mississippi," said Andy Key. "One man should not be allowed to either kill a bill or let it survive."

The keys say there will be several events in honor of Nathan's Law leading up to the next legislative session.

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