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Tax tip Tuesday: Watching for tax scams

By Kevin Wheeler - bio | email | Twitter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - With the tax filing deadline quickly approaching scam artists are picking up the pace of their dirty work. They will do almost anything to get money out of a taxpayer.

"The scammers find so many different ways to scam people, so I would urge people just to be very weary," said IRS spokeswoman Dee Stepter.

Stepter said many scams come through the computer by email.

"You can receive an email scam and it's saying that the IRS has looked at your records and found that you may be entitled to additional refund, but you must complete form," Stepter added.

This year the IRS has seen over 33,000 of the scam email. Stepter said the IRS will never send an email asking you to do such a thing in order to receive your refund.

"Once you file the return we're going to send the refund out to you, you don't have to complete an online form; we're not going to be sending an email saying we've found additional money," said Stepter.

Some scam artists will even pose as an IRS agent over the phone.

"They will call the elderly and threaten the elderly if they do not provide the financial information," said Stepter.

The IRS has an email account where tax payers can forward suspicious tax related emails.  The address is

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