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Lamar County students model new dress code fashions

LAMAR COUNTy, MS (WDAM) - Lamar County students will be expected to adhere to a new dress code in the fall.

To clear up what types of clothes and colors are acceptable, Oak Grove upper elementary hosted a fashion show Tuesday. Fourth and fifth graders were had fun showcasing what they will likely be wearing to school.

"I'm kind of excited and I'm kind of bummed about it. Because I like school uniforms, but I also like wearing my jeans and tennis shoes," said Mina Franzen, a student at Oak Grove.

Students will have a limited number of colors they can choose from like gray, white, black and gold. Plus, khaki bottoms are acceptable. Girls can wear skirts and jumpers too.

"I like skirts, they are pretty nice to wear, very comfortable," said Mary Katherine Oglesby, a student at Oak Grove.

Plus students said the limited options will make getting dressed easier.

"When they get up in the morning, it takes them a long time to see what they want to wear, and with these uniforms they can sleep in late and just pick out what they want to wear cause it's going to be very quick," said Parker Floyd, a student at Oak Grove.

Presley Davis agreed.

"I kind of like it because some people are getting mad at other people for having more expensive things than other people, and it kind of puts them down a little bit so," said Davis. 

Cade Duncan added, "Now when you wear them, nobody can laugh at what you are wearing, and it's not like you have to find the clothes that match you just have to take these clothes and put them on and your ready."

Officials said research showed a stricter code would help ease students minds about how they dress compared to their peers.

"One positive about going to a stricter dress code is does equalize things and in the long run, it should save parents money," said Superintendent Ben Burnett.

Burnett said the dress code varies between grades. Elementary students can wear jeans, while middle and high-school students can't.

He said the district is open to future dress code improvements.

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