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Viewpoint - Nathan's Law in Danger

Can you believe Nathan’s Law is actually in danger of dying in a House committee?  The law that was passed overwhelmingly by the State Senate to toughen the law regarding people who pass school buses while they are discharging students is languishing in the Judiciary ‘A’ Committee headed up by Representative Ed Blackman.  If it isn’t brought to the floor by Tuesday the bill that passed the Senate unanimously will die without being enacted into law.

Nathan’s Law…a bill we have covered and editorialized extensively on 7 On Your Side…was introduced in the Senate by Senator Chris McDaniel after 5 year old Nathan Key was killed by a hit and run driver who passed a stopped school bus letting children out in Jones County.  Nathan Key would have turned 6 this week.


There must be some sort of political angle at work here for this bill not to have been released by the committee to the full House for a vote where it would no doubt have sailed through just as it did in the Senate.  There is obviously to partisan issue at work here so it must be something to do with the same old back room politics and wheeling and dealing that goes on all the time.  Even with the noblest of issues.  No wonder people are losing all confidence in Washington and Jackson alike if a worthy law such as this…that the people are clearly behind…is held up in committee…for reasons that Mr. Blackmon, and his cohorts have so far kept to themselves.


The people we elect need to get the message that they are accountable to us.  Make your voice heard by contacting your state representative and asking them to put pressure on whoever they need to in order to get Nathan’s Law passed.  I’m Jim Cameron and that’s today’s Viewpoint.  Let us hear from you.

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