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Viewpoint - Childhood Obesity

First Lady, Michelle Obama has launched a program to end childhood obesity called "Let's Move."

We commend the effort. You know, modern technology and prosperity has its downside.  I heard former Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee challenge people…I would say probably over 40…to take a look at a picture of their 3rd grade class. 

Then take a look at a 3rd grade class of today.  I know I can't remember any of my 3rd grade classmates having a weight problem.  In fact…that pretty much continued through high school and my old year books bear that out.  We didn't stay inside playing video games or on the Internet because there was no such thing. 

We stayed outside and played hard.  We mowed yards and took paper routes to make money as soon as we were old enough.  We walked or rode bicycles pretty much everywhere we went.  We participated in sports both in school and out. There wasn't nearly as much fast food around and we took our meals as a family…without the television on.  In the summer—if we weren't working, we were swimming or doing something physical.  That all sounds somewhat archaic and quaint to many of today's young people. 

It's probably foreign to a lot of parents as well.  Look, it is hard enough to keep your weight under control once you get grown.  If you start out that way as a child…you really have an uphill battle.  All of this impacts negatively on one's health and life expectancy.  Some experts are even predicting a time in the near future when children's life expectancy will be shorter than their parents. 

That's pretty sad.  So let's participate in the "Let's Move" initiative.  This is not a political or philosophical issue. 

It is a human issue. 

I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.  Let us hear from you.

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