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Viewpoint - American Heart Month

Former President Bill Clinton was rushed to the hospital last week with chest pains.  Six years ago he underwent quadruple bypass surgery.  This time he was able to get by with a couple of stints.

Talk Show Host David Letterman just celebrated his 10th anniversary of having the heart surgery that saved his life. Next month will mark the 8th anniversary of my own life saving bypass surgery which was also followed by a couple of stints.  Our News Director and anchor Randy Swan also underwent a lifesaving bypass operation in 1995. 

Heart disease is no respecter of persons whether you are a former president, a Network Celebrity or just home town working guys like the rest of us. None of us would be around to tell the tale if it were not for the advances in medical technology to treat heart disease just within our lifetimes. 

At the same time, as of now…there is no cure for Coronary Artery Disease so we all still have it and may have to deal with it again at some point…hopefully as successfully as Mr. Clinton did last week.  Many types of heart problems have more permanent solutions.  Many treatments and cures are still being worked on.  Why am I going on about all this?  Because February is American Heart Month.  You owe it to yourself to know what your risk factor of heart disease is.  Heredity plays a huge part as does life style.  Know your family history…know your vital numbers like cholesterol, blood pressure, and lipid profile.  Take the appropriate tests at the times suggested by your doctor. 

I thought it couldn't happen to me.  It did and I almost waited too late.  Heart Disease is the number one killer in America.  If there is any question…get checked out.

I'm Jim Cameron…currently 8 years older than I would have been at any other time in human history…with today's Viewpoint.

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