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Viewpoint - K-9 Body Armor

For those of us old enough to recall the television series "The A Team" you may remember that they had a saying when everything worked out.  The leader, the late George Peppard, would always quip, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Well, Hattiesburg businessman Chris Cook had a great plan that came together as reported by 7 On Your Side's Mike McDaniel.  The plan was to come up with the funds needed to buy bullet and stab proof body armor to protect the 6 dogs that make up the Hattiesburg Police Department's K-9 force.

With the help of the Greater Pinebelt Community Foundation and donations from citizens the plan came together yesterday when the vests were awarded.  These K-9 cops go into harm's way on a regular basis.  Last year, nationwide, 125 dogs were killed in the line of duty.

Mayor Johnny Dupree praised this as an example of the community and the police department coming together to accomplish something.  The 6 vests cost about a thousand dollars each.  We agree with the Mayor and commend this noble effort to protect our 4-legged officers and the service they render in fighting crime.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint. 

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