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Viewpoint - Successful Channel Change

A week ago today WDAM made a channel change to greatly increase our coverage area.  This was needful because after the Big Switch to digital back in June left us with a somewhat more diminished coverage area than we had anticipated.  Anytime you do something in the world of electronics and digital transmission…you hold your breath until you actually see if it works as expected. 


We’ve received literally hundreds of phone calls and plenty of emails to boot.  I am more than happy to report that our new and improved signal is really getting out there better than ever.  From Tylertown…to Monticello…to Lucedale…to Prentiss and all throughout the Pinebelt we are hearing from people who are able to get WDAM crisp and clear. 


While this has been immensely gratifying…it has taken some effort on the part of viewers as well.  In the vast majority of cases it has just been a matter of rescanning.  Our engineers have been happy to assist a ton of folks who needed help with that.  In other cases people have had to move an indoor antenna to another spot…or even to a window to get reception.  In a very small percentage of cases, people have needed to get a combination VHF/UHF antenna since they didn’t have VHF capability on the antenna they had.  We thank all of you for your patience--and for the loyalty and desire to see your local news, sports, weather, and people on WDAM to the point of going to a bit of trouble to do what was needed.


No doubt, as with any technical switch, there are still some with issues yet to be resolved.  We stand ready here at the station to advise you in any way we can.  The good news is that the vast majority of people with reception problems have had them resolved.  To all of you who have communicated your excitement about getting TV-7 again…we want you to know that we are just as glad as you are.  Again, we thank you for your efforts.  We now know the signal is getting out there.  We are also confident that the few remaining viewers with problems will have their problems solved in no time at all.  If you know someone who still has an issue…tell them to give us a call.  I’m Jim Cameron and that’s today’s Viewpoint.  Let us hear what’s on your mind.

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