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Pharmacy speaks on new pseudoephedrine bill

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Soon buying some common and popular medicines will first require an o-k from your doctor and a written prescription to prove it.

Both the Mississippi house and senate passed a bill which will make pseudoephedrine prescription only. Lawmakers supporting the bill say it's a way to help fight against a growing methamphetamine problem in the state.

Since the key ingredient in meth is pseudoephedrine, pharmacies are already required to keep the drug behind the counter, but this new law is designed to make it even tougher for criminals.

"This may be a good step, but my second thought was it's going to make it very hard on the general public," said Kim Rogers with Rogers Family Pharmacy. "I mean, you're punishing them for the sins of other people and having to go to the doctor just to get a prescription for Claritin D now is going to cost the patients some money to see the doctor and it creates a burden on the patient more."

Once the governor puts his signature on the bill, which he is expected to do, the law would go into effect after July first.

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