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Ellisville dance instructor has Super Bowl role

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - An Ellisville dance instructor who works with Saints cheerleaders will head to Miami on Tuesday for the Super Bowl.

For five years, Lora Davis has been working with the Saintsations.

She travels with the squad and helps them with choreography and public appearances.

"Once we get there, we'll have appearances, performances and then they'll have their big performance Sunday before the super bowl," said Davis.

Davis is familiar with the Super Bowl. This will be her sixteenth season. She has worked for several years on the NFL's pre -game shows.

"It's estimated that 80 to 90 million homes will be watching the super bowl this Sunday, so no pressure on the team," said Davis. "They have worked every day since we won our last game."

The Saintsations have been mastering new routines and sideline cheers in preparation for the big game. Davis said she's been busy teaching students at her studio, Ellisville Dance Arts.

"This is great for my dancers as well," said Davis. For them to sit back and see some of the girls that I've worked with in addition to them gives them a feeling that there is something that they can do one day and accomplish."

Davis said she looks forward to reuniting with many of the people she has worked with during previous super bowls.

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