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Viewpoint - Pseudoephedrine

Methamphetamine arrests last year surpassed those for both crack and powdered cocaine alike.  In some ways it can be compared to the white-lightening of by-gone days.  It is a relatively cheap.  It is made by amateur chemists in uncontrolled, often out of the way, environments with various questionable—and sometimes deadly—ingredients.  But Meth is many times more addictive and even more deadly.

Deadly for the users…and if even a spark gets near it…there is a tremendous explosion that will incinerate anyone and anything in the vicinity of where it is being cooked.  It literally kills a person who ingests it from within and turns them into a shell of what they once were.  Meth is truly a scourge on our society.  Experts tell us that one ingredient is essential above all others for making the deadly brew.  It is called pseudoephedrine.  At one time it could be bought off the shelf in pill form in convenience stores.  In Mississippi it is now still mainly available as a decongestant in non-prescription cold remedies.  There is a move among some law enforcement officials, including Forrest County Sheriff, Billy McGee to get the state legislature to make it available by prescription only.  They cite examples such as Oregon, who did just that and now report that state seizures of Meth Labs has declined by 96%.  While we remain a little skeptical in that it always seems criminals find a way to get what they want, anything that will make meth harder to manufacture and distribute has to be a good thing.  While it certainly has useful medical uses…the destruction it helps make possible deserves to put tighter controls on this controversial drug.  We hope the legislature will do the right thing on this issue.  I’m Jim Cameron with today’s Viewpoint.  Let us know what’s on your mind.

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