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Viewpoint - Viewer's Respond

There's lots of news going on surrounding the Pinebelt and WDAM and lots of people have opinions on it.  The story concerning Tiger Woods undergoing sex addiction treatment at Pine Gove in Hattiesburg is garnering international attention as news organizations besiege the Hub City along with the paparazzi to see if they can get a scoop or at least a tidbit.  It all started with a celebrity gossip website story last week that apparently got it right.  We've had some folks chide WDAM for reporting on poor Tiger's troubles.  Well actually, we've haven't so much focused on Tiger's woes as we have the media frenzy that his alleged presence in our midst has caused here in our home town.  It would be journalistically irresponsible to have the world on our doorstep talking about something and we don't even acknowledge what it is about.  South Mississippi's beloved Saints are in a playoff this weekend to see if they go to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history.  To do so…they will have to beat the Minnesota Vikings quarterbacked by Former Southern Miss star, South Mississippi native and Hattiesburg resident Brett Favre still looking great at 40 years old.  On WDAM's website we are running a poll and as of this writing over 2400 people have voted on who they are pulling for the Saints or the Vikings.  Currently…88% of you are pulling for the Saints and 12% for the Vikings.  Many are saying that Brett has already been to the Super Bowl twice and one once while the hitherto hapless Saints have yet to make the big show.  Personally…I'm conflicted, but to be honest…I have a hard time pulling against Brett.  But, if he does get beat…at least it'll be by our friends and not someone else.  Hey, everyone is entitled to their sentimental favorite.  Finally, some have actually e-mailed and said that they are not going to watch WDAM anymore if NBC chooses Leno over Conan for the Tonight Show.  Well they choose Leno…and you know what—they never once gave us a vote or even asked our opinion.  We are not owned by NBC and just carry their programming as an affiliate--so if you don't like the decision…don't hold it against us.  We're minding our own business here in Eastabutchie.  Thanks for your input.  We always want to hear what you have on your mind.  I'm Jim Cameron and here's our e-mail address.

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