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WDAM to strengthen digital signal Thursday

By Kevin Wheeler - bio | email 

Eastabuchie, MS (WDAM) - The big switch last June was a dream come true for many people who love the digital era, but for others, it wasn't.

"Some of the outlying areas in Marion County, Wayne County, and some of the northern parts of Covington county didn't have as strong a signal as we had thought we were going to or as we had been told we would, or that we hoped for," said WDAM general manager Jim Cameron.

WDAM has been operating UHF channel 28, but we were able to send out a more powerful signal on our old VHF channel 7. The FCC granted us the right to go back to that channel. 

For about a week crews were busy installing the new transmitter to send our VHF digital signal.

"We upgraded to this system, which not only pushes more power but since less power is required we were actually able to reach an area beyond our actual old analog area," said WDAM engineer Ricky Dozier.

Crews were also in the air installing replacement wires to our antenna in the tower.

"There is new line that they ran all the way to the top and that's the replacement line for the new transmitter in the inside," said Dozier.

"We're just glad to be able to serve the folks who have been missing us," said Cameron. "Even if it's a few hundred, we want to make sure they get us."

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