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Viewpoint: Nathan's Law

We did a Viewpoint about a month ago when 5-year-old Nathan Key was horribly and needlessly run down by a motorist who was too impatient to wait while a school bus was stopped unloading Nathan and his siblings on the road where they live.  We've done numerous editorial viewpoints in the past about this senseless act and yet public safety officials continue to tell us it is a major problem. 

 If you saw Seven-On-Your-Side's Mike McDaniel's story this week on a law Nathan's parents are attempting to get passed in the state legislature, you were probably struck—as I was—by something very powerful his mother Lori Key said.  Struggling through her emotions, Mrs. Key said, "A school bus doesn't carry lumber.  A school bus doesn't haul garbage.  A school bus, when you see it, you know that it has children."  No one could put it more eloquently. 

Andy and Lori Key are working with state legislators to pass "Nathan's Law".  It would do a number of things.  It would establish special safety training for those who ride and operate school buses.  It would cause children to be let out of the bus on the same side of the road as their houses.  It would also increase the penalties for passing a stopped school bus…and presumably even more so for hitting a child in the act of doing so.  Much of it has yet to be worked out.

 While we realize the legislature has a full plate this session…"Nathan's Law" should be made a priority and should be passed.  Lawmakers had the chance to pass a similar law last year but didn't do it.  As the Key's related to News 7…no more children or their families should have to go through what they are going through.  We agree and urge our lawmakers to do whatever it takes to pass a law that will help make this less likely to happen on Mississippi's streets, roads and highways.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's Today's Viewpoint.  We would like to hear what you think.

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