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WDAM to expand signal Jan. 28, viewers must rescan

On Thursday, January 28, at 9 a.m., WDAM will expand the reach of its signal.

You will need to rescan at that time.

As we continue our efforts to expand our digital reach in our viewing area, WDAM has taken the necessary steps to increase our digital signal coverage area by changing from digital channel 28 to digital channel 7.

WDAM will still be viewable as 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 - but viewers will need to rescan to pick up the new signal.

A recent engineering study filed with the FCC indicates that this action will increase our coverage area beyond our original reach before the Big Switch in June 2009.

This will not affect our cable viewers, they will see no change. However, our viewers using antennas for reception will need to take some action.

  • First, viewers must be sure to have an antenna that picks up all VHF (2-13) and UHF (14-51) channels.
  • Second, after construction is finished and the exact RESCAN FOR 7 date is announced, viewers will need to re-scan their HD TV or converter box to pick us up at digital channel 7.

If you have friends or neighbors that have had trouble picking up WDAM on antenna since the Big Switch, help them take the necessary steps to get ready for change.


  • Check your antenna: To insure you do not get interference, make sure your antenna is not on top of your TV, DVD player or any other electronic device. Moving your antenna to a different part of the room, may help your reception. An amplified VHF antenna may also harm reception.
  • Read up: You can go to www.dtv.gov , enter your zip code in the location box and a color coded list if channels will appear. If it shows low signal strength, you may need an outdoor antenna.
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