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Outsiders prepare for cold weather

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - South Mississippi is about to tee off with some of the coldest temperatures we've seen in some time. 

That's why Paul Centanni was getting his golf game in early at the Hattiesburg Country Club.

"Well I know we're not going to be able to play for the rest of the week that's why we're playing today because it's going to be worse tomorrow," said Centanni.

Whether you are on a golf course or anywhere else outside, it's going to be cold. It could be as low as the mid teens early Friday and anyone who is in that kind of weather should use caution.

"If you've got an inside job you better enjoy it," said Jimmy English, who is working outside.

English said he is not looking forward to the weather, but he's got a job to do. English is already planning out how to get the job done while trying to stay warm.

"It might take twice as long, but you know just try to stay warm," said English. "You get out and work a little bit, get back in and warm up."

Workers at the Hattiesburg Country Club like Brad King are depending on their clothes and their mobility to keep them warm.

"We put on layers and do the best we can to stay warm," said King. "A lot of things that we do is physical, so you're walking and moving so that's a good way to stay warm."

For those who will be on the roadways there is a threat of precipitation that could ice some of the roadways and bridges.

"It looks like we could have several days of this and so that's a lot of concern for us," said Sgt. James Snyder with the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Snyder said many drivers don't know to handle the roads when they ice.

"People will start slowing down once they get on the bridge and once they do that, they either hit their brakes, which they should not do," said Snyder. "Either they just lose control of their vehicle or they hit the side of bridges or other people on the bridges."

Sgt. Snyder said if the roads ice over the best advice is to stay indoors and avoid the roads.

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