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Taylorsville helps homeless woman get on her feet

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TAYLORSVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Quinta McCullum has spent day and night working at Chris's Car Care Center in Taylorsville, but she has also spent some time living there because she needed a place to stay.

"I just fell on hard times," said McCullum. "Business started getting slow and people were thinking it's too cold to get their car washed and everything just went downhill from there."

 For about a month McCullum and one of her sons slept in the basement of the building. Her other two sons stayed with her babysitter.  McCullum said it was a difficult time.

 "We had to have a heater which burned off diesel," said McCullum. "That's really improper for anyone to live in and we couldn't take proper baths."

 McCullum's boss, Chris Lee, said he was not aware that she was staying there because she is a hard worker and often stays late.

 "Initially we weren't aware of her situation," said Lee. "She would work late hours and I would constantly have to come through and tell her to go home."

 Recently, McCullum wrote a letter entitled, "The Cry from a Mother's Heart." She took that letter to several places around town, and a day later things started turning around.

 "I knew that I was going to get a response, but I didn't think it was going to be this much, so I'm thankful for them," added McCullum.

 Several churches and people on their own have helped McCullum get back on her feet. She now has a home and her utilities are paid for. The home was furnished and her kids have a Christmas tree with presents under it.  McCullum said she can't hold back her tears because the community has done so much to help her.

 "It's only tears of joy," said McCullum. "At first it was tears of sorrows, but I'm really thankful and it's because the goodness of God that people but goodness in their heart."

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