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Viewpoint - Stopping for School Buses

Several months ago I received an email from Reggie Favre, transportation director for the Forrest County schools.

His concern was for a dangereous practice he said was occuring virtually every day. People were ignoring the stop signs and lights on school buses as they stop to let children out. He was afraid some child was going to die.

This past Friday afternoon in Jones County a child did.

Five-year-old Nathan Key, kindergarden student at North Jones elementary was getting off the bus and crossing the street when a car allegedly pulled out of the line of vehicles stopped behind the school bus and zoomed around the bus.

The driver, was apparently in too big a hurry to wait. Little Nathan never stood a chance as two of his siblings and a bus full of students watched him get hit by the car. The driver didn't even bother to stop.

Charged with manslaughter-culpable negligence and felony fleeing was 23-year old Dominic Gebben. He lived just down the street.

Today he lives in the Jones County Jail under $1 million bond.

When you see a stopped school bus, stop. It is only a wonder that this hasn't happened a lot more often than it has.

It is tragic anytime it does…and totally needless.

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