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Hattiesburg carpenters upset over lack of payment

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Carpenters working on the Panchos Mexican Restaurant in Hattiesburg say they have yet to be paid for the work they have done and have been given the run around.

Bobby Moore and Pete Kelly are upset; they say they were supposed to get paid December 11, and have been promised the money every day since then.

"A lot of people out here work week to week, that's all they work," said Bobby Moore. "You know they make it pay check to pay check - if they aint got that next pay check they can't make it."

The subcontractor, Mark King, who hired the carpenters is the middle man between the two men and the contractor.

"Basically all I wanted was an honest answer," said Pete Kelly. "If the money wasn't there, he could've told me that Friday; he could've told me that Saturday; he could've told me that Yesterday when I came by here. The money aint there."

King said he was in the same situation as the carpenters, living paycheck to paycheck and waiting on money himself.

"I don't think we're in a panic situation over it, and we shouldn't be in a panic situation over it," said King.

King assures the men they will be paid soon, but the carpenters don't believe him.

Contractor Doug Broome commented through a written statement.

"Their bill was presented Thursday afternoon after 3:30 p.m," read the statement. "The policy is Wednesday by noon to get paid on Friday. I didn't have enough time to move money to pay them within a 24-hour period."

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