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Viewpoint: The Saints are Marching

For the Pinebelt and the rest of South Mississippi, the New Orleans Saints have basically been our home team since they came into existence.

After all they are, by far, the closest NFL franchise just a couple of hours more or less down the road. For many of their years…if not most…they have been the punch line or the butt of many a joke. Remember the brown grocery sacks their fans donned over their heads when they were called the "Ain'ts"? "Ain't never won, Ain't never gonna win", was the motto.

Then there were the "Who Dat" years. No matter how much promise they may have shown the team from the city that care forgot could always be counted on to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Regardless of who their coach was or who they put on the field they could always find new and creative ways to lose and disappoint. Watching them beat the New England Patriots the other night to advance their winning streak to an unprecedented 11 and 0 it was obvious that this is not your mama and daddy's Saints. Why, at this rate, the Saints may well go marching in to the Super Bowl. Now wouldn't that be something.

It is as though out of the figurative ashes of Hurricane Katrina the Saints rose like a Phoenix to give a city in need of something more than a good time, something to take pride in. In fact the whole South Louisiana/Mississippi region has been through a lot because of the events associated with the terrible lady Katrina.

Perhaps I'm attaching too mystical a meaning to it all…but it seems like the ultimate party town knew it was time to get serious about a lot of things that hadn't been taken seriously enough before. Whatever the team answered the clarion call to give everyone something positive to associate with the area. Now, instead of an after thought—or worse yet, a joke—the Saints are sitting undefeated heading toward the playoffs with an excellent team…that knows how to win. So, to revive the old cheer, "Who Dat talking ‘bout dem Saints?"

 Everybody is talking about them…especially the teams that have to face them on the gridiron. It is a beautiful thing to see. I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint. Let us hear what you think.

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