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Renowned Diamond Cutter comes to Hattiesburg

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HATTIESBURG, MS. (WDAM) - The Centenary diamond is the world's largest, colorless, cut diamonds, weighing 273.85 carats. It took Gabriel Tolkowsky's De Beers team three years to develop the proper cut for the diamond. The cut is unique to that particular stone, which makes it shine.

"Because the facets on the diamond are transparent mirrors. You have nothing that you could know as a transparent mirror. It's a surface which light goes in, light comes out, but it keeps light inside the diamond and reflects from one facet to the other inside the diamond," said Tolkowsky.

During his over twenty years with De Beers, Tolkowsky also cut and polished the 545.67 carat Golden Jubilee diamond, the largest of all polished diamonds. Following his work with two of the world's largest stone's, he developed his own unique cut.

"I decided to add everything that I have here on a new cut, and that is what you see here. The Gabrielle cut, the triple brilliant is effectively representing an added value of beauty to the brilliant cut," said Tolkowsky.

Tolkowsky comes from a long line of well known diamond cutters, which is why his Hub City visit is so important to Hattiesburg Jewelers, Tom and Susan Light. Their store carries Gabrielle pieces.

According to Susan Light, "It is definitely the most exciting thing that has ever happened to our family. We have been in this business for forty eight years," she said.

The Light's said Tolkowsky's knowledge of diamond cutting is so valuable because that is the most crucial element of a diamond.

"There is nothing more important than the cut of a stone and you can actually visually see it. We have a machine that allows you to put them side by side and you can actually see the difference in a well cut stone," said Tom Light.

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