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Staying safe during holidays

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - No matter if you are spending this holiday season traveling, shopping, or spending time with loved ones, criminals are lurking and this time of year more criminals come out.

"Usually criminals try to take advantage of the opportunities that people make available to them to find quick gains," said Hattiesburg police spokesman, Sgt. Synarus Green.

Green said many of the reported crimes are auto and home burglaries. He said while those crimes can't always be prevented, many of them can be.

"In most cases people just aren't paying attention or they forget the basics of just locking up," said Green.

While you shop during this holiday season keep in mind, someone could be watching your every move. Green said it is the perfect time to use the buddy system.

"You always want to shop with a partner if there is somebody who can go with you," said Green. "If not just parking close to the store and make sure that you're watching when you get out your car who is around you and  what dark areas you need to look out for as you approach the location that you are going to."

Green also said the police department has been proactive in giving the community tips on taking extra precautions which has paid off.

"What they usually look for are opportunities and the information that we give out is our way of disguising or hiding those opportunities from the criminal element," said Green.

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