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Hattiesburg Christian Services serves hundreds forThanksgiving

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The meal was packed with plenty of turkey, dressing, green beans, rolls, and a little something extra...love.

It is a meal served by Christian Services and hundreds of volunteers every Thanksgiving.

Over 1,000 people dropped by the dinning room Tuesday for a warm meal, many of whom would not have had one otherwise.

"They come maybe out from under a tree, they may be living in an abandoned house, they may just not have enough in their household to eat, they may just be lonely," said Cookie Prout of Christian Services.

Whatever the reason, these folks were welcomed with warm hearts. Prout said the thanksgiving meal is a good way to share a spirit of love.

"A simple meal can say you're important; somebody cared enough to prepare it for you to serve it up for you and to give it to you."

Hundreds of volunteers from schools, churches, and other organizations took time to lend a helping hand.

Lesha lott and 16 of her students from Green Ccounty Vocational Sschool were part of this special meal.

"It's amazing to watch how it affects the kids because these kids have so much and they see people come through that don't and they are like it really makes them feel good about not what they did but that they were able to see somebody receive a blessing."

Roger Smith, of the Vietnam Vet Motorcycle Club said it was a feeling he couldn't explain.

"It really touches your heart when you're able to help someone and especially children it's what it's all about...that's what this world is about," said Smith.

Prout says it's not about the giving of this meal, it's about the things it does for those receiving.

"I see them change, any times from sadness to happiness because our goal is to bring joy into their lives."

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