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Labeled for life: Part 4

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - We spoke with Forrest Sheriff Billy McGee about sex offenders in his county. He said there are not many problems from those who are registered, but his department still gets phone calls from concerned citizens.

 "A lot of times we'll get a call and they are trying to determine a specific individual in a specific neighborhood and once that has been identified you will get several calls from that neighborhood,” said McGee.

 Sheriff McGee said he sees offenders' frustrations about the registration process.

 "They just feel like they are being punished beyond,” said McGee. “They've gone to the penitentiary they’ve served their time, they've paid for their crime, and they get out and there are stipulations put on them for the rest of their lives.”

 Every 90 days offenders are required to re-register. They must put down their name, physical description, the description of the offense, and their picture has to be taken.

 Ellisville resident Bradley Mitchel Green agreed to speak with us on camera about his conviction of touching a child for lustful purposes.

 "I entered a blind plea of guilty, one reason for my family, and the other reason for the girl who I was accused of messing with for her family,” said Green.

 Green said he was convicted for the wrong thing. He was placed on house arrest and on probation. He said he dislikes going through the registration process, but he understands the need for a registry.

 “Parents or anybody living in that neighborhood, they have a right to feel the way they feel, said Green. “I mean if I was in the same situation that they were then you know I would probably feel the same way."

 I asked green how does he ease others concerns about his sexual offender status.

 "Every case is public record,” said Green. “They can go to the courthouse and pull records and actually find out what exactly went on.” 

 Green said he prays everyday and enjoys the things he has always enjoyed. He also said he will not let any judgments toward him stop that. 

 "People can still go judge and say I’m guilty and that's their right,” said Green. If that’s the way they feel about it then they don't have to be around me. I've got my kids and I’ve got my family and that's really all I need."

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