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Viewpoint - Veteran's Day

It is with a mixture of pride and sense of sadness that we celebrate Veteran’s Day today.  Of course we have tremendous pride in all the men and women who have served our country honorably in uniform over the years.  We feel a since of sadness over those who have given life and limb to preserve our way of life.  We feel acute sadness over the loss of 13 lives last week at Fort Hood at the hands of a Jihadist Terrorist who was still in the uniform of a United States Officer.

 If you want a refresher course on the price paid by veterans in conflicts over the years there are a couple of places here in the Pine Belt you need to visit.  One is the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby South of Hattiesburg.  It is as good a tour through Military history as you are likely to see anywhere.  It is a multi-media presentation with sounds and special effects accompanying the stunning displays from various wars.  Another inspiring place to visit is the African American Military History Museum at the Historic USO Club in Hattiesburg.  Custom exhibits trace the history of the African American experience in the military from the time of the Revolutionary War through the conflicts on the battlefields of the Middle East still in progress today.

 We are fortunate to have such tangible exhibits of American Military history to learn from and enjoy.  But the real legacy is written on the hearts and minds of every person who has served our country in the Armed Forces…as well as the sacrifices made by their families.  If you know someone who has served or currently is serving…not only today, but anytime is a good time to express your gratitude for their sacrifice.  We at WDAM would like to extend our support and thanks to all who have worn the uniform of our country.  I’m Jim Cameron and that’s Today’s Viewpoint.  Let us hear from you.

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