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Viewpoint - ATV Regulations

Mississippi is only one of six states in the nation with no meaningful regulation of All Terrain Vehicles or ATV’s.  We are also ranked 13th for the highest number of deaths from 4-wheeler related injuries.  Sunday, 31 year old Albert Wooten became a part of that statistic when he was killed from an accident on his ATV on a race track in Jeff Davis County.  Family members said it was souped up to get as much as 110 miles per hour.

Following this latest death the House Transportation Committee,  public safety officials and medical professionals convened a meeting to discuss what changes need to be made and what laws or regulations need to be put in place to make ATV riding and activities safer. 

It is against the law to ride a motorcycle without a helmet and you have to pass a test and undergo certain instructions to get a motorcycle license.  In some places in our state you can be cited for riding a bicycle without a helmet.  Why would we not place rules, limits, and restrictions that make sense on 4-wheelers and other ATV’s?  Mr. Wooten’s family wants the committee to take action to prevent another family from losing a loved one on these motorized vehicles.

We think it only makes common sense.  Sometimes, when there is no law in place, people can get a false sense of safety and not really think about the precautions they need to make.  One can see young kids riding these things who wouldn’t be old enough to drive a car or ride a motorcycle.  They are a lot of fun.  But they will be still be fun if steps are taken to make conditions safer and we hopefully won’t see as many deaths or injuries for those who engage in this activity.  We’re not against ATV’s.  We are for safety and responsibility.  I’m Jim Cameron and that’s today’s Viewpoint.  Let us hear what you think.

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