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Viewpoint - Hazardous Waste

All of us have items in our storage room or garage we really don’t know how to get rid of properly.  I’m talking about household hazardous waste like aerosols, pesticides, batteries, paint thinner, herbicides, gas and oil products, chemicals of all types and so forth.  So the stuff just sits there and risks doing damage to people or the environment.  A week from this coming Saturday…November 7th has been designated clean up day for this kind of common hazardous waste that can be found around almost every household.  You can bring it to the Bobby Chain Municipal Airport in Forrest County or the Lamar County Multipurpose Center and people will be on hand to show you how to dispose of it properly.  You bring it and they’ll take care of it.  So don’t miss this opportunity to rid your home of those potentially hazardous materials and objects that you’ve wanted to do something with for so long…but just didn’t know what to do.  That’s Saturday, November 7th.  I’m Jim Cameron and that’s today’s “Viewpoint”.  Let us hear what’s on your mind.     

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