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By Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - At the I-hop on Hardy Street they are serving more than pancakes. One popular addition to breakfast is sanitizer.

"A lot. Anytime we touch the money, handing out the menus and taking them back. We are washing our hands constantly, using the sanitizer, anytime we go to the bathroom. So, we are constantly washing our hands and we are using sanitized water, bleach water for the tables," said Josey Bingham who is a waitress at I-hop.

In a place where a lot of hands touch a lot things, stopping the spead of swine flu is the special of the day." We have about 200 guests to 250 guest per day, on any usual day and we find it is very important to have this sanitizer for our guests and for our employees to use," said Sid Malah who is the owner of the I-hop in Hattiesburg.  

At the Oak Grove Learning Center, where some of the youngest age groups spend most of their time, owner Susan Anderson says they had to make a plan.

" We are not allowed to use hand sanitizer on children that are younger than three-years-of- age . We've had fun lessons about washing our hands properly, using soap, how to turn the faucets off, the door knobs those kinds of things. So, we've just had to formulate a  plan that was good for little children," said Anderson.

With the constant flow of kids the plan seems to work, with only two reported cases of the virus. Something Anderson credits to everyones' participation to fight off a scary and potentially deadly attack.


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