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Collins man accused of fondling adult women

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COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - The FastTrac convenience store in Collins on Fir Ave. is where two women claim they were violated by a seemingly innocent elderly man.

"There was a man sitting over at the chairs where they all sit and drink coffee at the little booths and as I walked in he was saying something to me," said Strange.

Wendy Strange is one of the women who signed an affidavit stating the man began touching her.

"He would not let go of me as I'm pulling away," said Strange.

She says the man's voice got softer and she couldn't understand what he was saying so she walked over and as she leaned in, was taken by surprise.

"He says, 'You know you're a pretty thing' and I said 'Well thank you.' Well as I start to try to walk off he grabs my right buttocks and then starts caressing my left breast," said Strange.

Court records identify that man as L.B. McGrew, a man who neither Strange nor Lakeya Anderson say they knew at time.

"I don't know that man from a can of paint," said Anderson.

Anderson also signed an affidavit claiming McGrew wouldn't let her go. She says just like in the other case the man sitting in the booth, called her over.

"I couldn't exactly hear what he was saying but he was like telling me to come here, so as I got to him, he pulled me and was all up my arm and brushed my breast," said Anderson.

Both women say the police department wouldn't pursue the case, so they went to the sheriff's office. McGrew was then arrested, charged with simple assault and was then released on bond.

"I was in so much shock, all I wanted to do was just get away from him and I was just in humiliation," said Strange.

"I was just shocked, I didn't know what to think because I wouldn't think anybody would do me like that," said Anderson.

The case was scheduled for Wednesday morning in Covington County Justice Court, but when Strange and Anderson got there, they were met with a request from McGrew's attorney, George Thomas Sullivan, for a jury trail, as well as a continuance, due to Sullivan being sick. Sullivan also entered McGrew's plea as 'not guilty.'

The judge denied the request for a jury trial, but did grant a continuance. Both women say store employees are aware of the what's happening and they're not the only victims.

"Plenty of people have done told me they've had that done to them," said Anderson.

"While I was in the store, I watched him grab another lady," said Strange.

"No one should feel like this going into a convenience store, you shouldn't have to be scared. I don't even go in that store no more," said Anderson.

"It's just a very scary feeling," said Strange.

We did reach out to McGrew's attorney, George Sullivan, for comment but were unable to reach him. The case is now scheduled for Nov. 18th.

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