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Boy and mom thankful to stranger who stopped dog attack

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - When Brad Booth, 13, got home from school Monday afternoon, he had quite the story to tell his mom, not because of what happened at school but because of what happened before he even got there.

"I think it was a pit bull," said Booth.

As the 8th grader was walking to his school bus stop on Brooklane Dr. in Hattiesburg, just as he does every school day, a neighboor's dog, which he says usually stays on the porch, began chasing him.

"It started charging at me and I threw my binder at him, but it seemed like that didn't work," said Booth.

Brad's mom had already left for work and the friend who normally caught the bus with him wasn't there.

"I needed to get some help and I needed it quick before I got hurt."

Help came from a stranger, Trevor Kingston, who was passing through, saw what was going on and ran to help as the dog latched on to Brad's shirt.

"I ran up to the dog and I kicked the dog to try to get him off of him, which at first it didn't help so I kicked him again," said Kingston.

"I knew I wasn't going to be able to out run it, so when it got close enough to me it grabbed on to my shirt," said Booth. "All this was just wet, [pointing to his shirt] with slob and saliva."

The dog finally ran and Kingston waited with Brad, not even knowing his name, until his school bus arrived.

"I was very scared, very nervous," said Fairley-Johnson.

Brad's mom, Teresa Fairley-Johnson says she didn't find out about the attack until Brad called her after school. Even then, in true teenage fashion, she says she didn't get the full story.

"He didn't give me that big version. He didn't make me think the dog caught him by his shirt. He didn't tell me none of that," said Fairley-Johnson.

It wasn't until the 10 o'clock news came on when she realized just how serious it could have been.

"I said son do you know that man, he said mom that's the man that helped me and I was like... My heart started pounding," said Fairley-Johnson.

Pounding from the thought of "what could have happened."

"I just thank God that my son was ok and I definitely want to thank Mr. Kingston for being there," said Kingston.

"I would like to thank him for saving me and helping me get away from the dog," said Booth.

Animal control did patrol the area, but so far the dog in question is no where to be found. Police say dog owners in Hattiesburg are required by law to restrain them and stress the importance of not letting your guard down.

"I was very upset that took place especially because I wasn't here," said Johnson. "I want my son to feel safe when he comes out and walk up the street to his bus stop."

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