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Hattiesburg man stops dog from attacking child

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - When Trevor Kingston was late for work Monday morning, he had a good excuse.

"I saw a dog in the middle of the road. I had to go around it and probably we about 15 or 20 more feet and then started hearing screaming," said Kingston.

Those screams were from a little boy walking by himself to his school bus stop on Brooklane St. in Hattiesburg. Kingston looked in his rearview mirror and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"I saw the dog jump up and grab him by the back of his shirt and start pulling him back," said Kingston. "I just reacted. I just knew I needed to get out and do something."

That's when Kingston says he stopped his car and ran to help the boy still being attacked by the dog.

"I thought the best thing that I could do was just rare back and I kicked it. When I kicked the dog it didn't do much at first. I mean he was still holding on to the kid so I kicked him again," said Kingston.

Finally Kingston says the dog let go and the boy ran and jumped on the hood of a neighbors car. After a brief stand off with the dog, Kingston says it finally retreated into a yard.

"[I] Looked towards to the child talking to him telling him to come down that it's ok, the dog's gone, brought him down and the only thing he was worried about was his book bag," said Kingston.

Kingston went and picked up the book bag, as the dog watched on growling and barking, but fortunately not charging.

"[I] picked it up, walked back to the child and kind of just put my arm around him and told him it was going to be alright," said Kingston.

Kingston didn't even know the child and says the boy told him his parents had already left for work. Still not knowing who the child was or evening knowing a first name, Kingston still waited at the bus stop until the bus arrived.

"The only thing I was worried about was if he was alright and just trying to get him to his bus," said Kingston.

"We actually have had some attacks reported over the year, most of them have been minor," said Hattiesburg Police Sergeant Synarus Green.

Kingston says he didn't report the attack immediately, but Green says animal control is aware and reminds everyone to be mindful of their surroundings, especially when knowing dogs are present.

"Our animal patrol unit as well as our traffic who work school details in the mornings they do watch and monitor school zones, not just for traffic, but also for those animals," said Green.

Animal control will investigate the attack and track down the boy, who now, thanks to the kindness of stranger has a school day story he'll never forget.

"If I wouldn't have been there I really think that kid could have gotten hurt, I really do," said Kingston.


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