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Neighbors had no clue what was happening next door

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - "I didn't think that something would happen like that, so close it's just crazy," said Kayla Pryor

What's crazy is what allegedly went on within the walls of the Hattiesburg home at 215 N. 25th Ave., which Kayla Pryor's family lives next to. It's there were police say a 4-year-old boy suffered traumatic abuse at the hands of 5 adults.

Arrested from the home were Sue Miller, 53, Nancy Miller, 34, Patricia Aguilar, 30, Francys Albertson, 20, and Christopher Lee, 37.

"I've seen the boy [Lee] that they arrested before across town somewhere, but I ain't think he'd be involved in something like that," said Pryor.

Also inside the home were 9 other children whose relationship police aren't releasing. It's the 4-year-old who police are calling the victim covered with new and old bruises, marks, cuts and abrasions as well as cuts on his head and body, broken teeth with damaged gums and internal abdominal injuries caused by blunt trauma.

"They deserve anything that's coming to them because that don't make no sense. What could a 4-year-old child do to you or whatever," said Pryor.

The boy's biological mother, Jamie Pittman, 22, was arrested a few days later and claims she didn't know the abuse was happening, was living at another residence, and her child wasn't in her care.

"I signed papers over to sue miller," said Pittman as she was escorted out of court in chains.  

Police say Pittman failed to provide documentation backing that up, but the boy was in the care of Sue Miller during the investigation.

One neighbor who did not want to go on camera says although the situation is shocking, it's not surprising and says the folks who lived inside the home were never really good neighbors to begin with. The suspects were only seen coming and going and neighbors say they weren't too interested in keeping the property neat.

Now the house, which is a rental property, sits vacant as neighbors still look on with disbelief.

"You never think nothing is going on," said Christina Thomas, who's family also lives next door.

"I don't know what makes people do crazy things," said Pryor.

"It's sad, them kids going through that. They shouldn't go through that, you know suffering like that and I think they should be put under the jailhouse if it was up to me," said Thomas.

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