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Halloween sales steady during recession

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Halloween is a big holiday for the stores that sell costumes and decorations.

Workers at the Ultimate Party Store on Highway 98 are not worried about how sales will go despite the nation's recession.

"Things seem to be about like they usually are every year," said Eddie Demelia, the store's stock manager. "We're getting a lot of people in here and the closer it gets to Halloween it's just going to get hectic."

Demelia said the lines have been long almost every day. The store is running a buy one get one 50% off deal.

"We're getting a lot of stuff in on a daily basis in the back and it all goes out and every time we start to put stuff out we see stuff missing from the shelves and people are buying," said Demelia.

Kari Beach took advantage of the deal for her three kids.

"My son wants Harry Potter, my oldest daughter wants a pirate, and she wants nothing so far," Beach laughed about her third child.

Halloween is always a fun time for Janice Thompson and her husband. They were looking for a gorilla costume for their grandkids.

"They think a gorilla or bigfoot lives in my woods, so we always like to dress up and go down in there and let them see him."

While some people tend to cut back on decorations and costumes during a recession, many people say those things help take the mind off a recession.

They wouldn't know what to think otherwise," said Tracie Godbold. "We'll cut back on something else and let them enjoy something they are used to."

Beach felt the same way.

"I'm going to get what my children want to get because they don't understand the recession, or recessions," said Beach. "To them Halloween is Halloween and a costume is a costume."

Demelia said that has been the attitude of most customers. He said people do not mind paying the price to have some traditional fun in Hattiesburg.

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