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Flu Shots - What is the Danger?

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Should you get vaccinated against H1N1 swine flu? Should you get a flu shot? Is it safe?

For many in the Pine Belt, rumors of the possible dangers of vaccination have influenced them to refuse to accept the vaccine, but officials say the risk of doing nothing is far greater.

Were Shortcuts Taken?


Officials with the Centers for Disease Control say that the H1N1 vaccine was produced in exactly the same way, using the same materials, as the seasonal flu vaccine.

In addition, the H1N1 vaccine was produced under more scrutiny than usual, officials say.

Could It Lead to Paralysis?


Over 30 years ago, a batch of unpurified flu vaccine led to paralysis in 2 out of every 100,000 people who were inoculated.

Since then, the CDC has taken great efforts to ensure safety.

What if I am pregnant?

Get the vaccine.

Officials say pregnant women should be the first people in line.

The Centers for Disease Control warn that up to 40 percent of Americans are expected to contract H1N1 this year, which means just about every person in the country will be exposed to possible infection.

Those who are most at risk of dying from the swine flu are pregnant women, caregivers to children, health care workers and those with medical conditions.

What if I have asthma?

Do not get the nasal spray. Wait for the shot.

The nasal spray has been shown in the past to have the potential to asthma attacks.

What about egg allergies?

People with egg allergies must take a special version of the vaccine. They should seek advice from their physician.

What if I was born before 1957?

You are probably immune to H191 swine flu, but officials still think people older than 52 should get vaccinated once everyone else has had their chance.

What about thimerosal?

There will be alternatives without the preservative for people who are fearful of it, although studies have proven there is zero risk from taking vaccines containing thimerosal.

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