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Plane crash victim identified, reportedly trying to land

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LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Federal Aviation Administration is in Lamar County this evening (Friday) investigating the death of a man who crashed his small aircraft Thursday afternoon.

It happened behind a home on Acorn Ln. and the victim is being identified as 57-year-old Johnny Anderson.

Sheriff Danny Rigel says the plan was what's known as an experimental ultralight with a small framed design with a canvass type wing on top powered by a small engine with a propeller.

Rigel says that type of aircraft doesn't require a runway for take off or landing and is fairly common in rural areas. Rigel says the victim lived close by the crash site.

"Talking with some witnesses, it appeared he was trying to land and after several attempts of landing the wheel may have touched the top of a tree and he banked real hard and ultimately crashed," said Rigel.

When emergency crews arrived to the site, Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene.

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