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Viewpoint - More on Spaying and Neutering

A few weeks ago a small kitten appeared at our back porch...nearly starved, frightened, and lonely.  We have a female house cat that was lying on the screened in porch at the time and I guess she thought she had found a mother.  It seemed obvious that the kitten was abandoned.  We didn't want another cat...but we fed and watered the cat for several weeks.  We would have taken her to the animal shelter...but we frankly couldn't catch her.  She was just too afraid.  She would let us get close...but then take off.  If you've ever tried to catch a skittish cat you know two is an almost impossible task...and if you do succeed in getting your hands on one-you will wish you hadn't.  We finally lured the kitten into a cage and got it to a home at the animal shelter.  I hope the little cat got a good home.  It makes me sad and furious that anyone would be so cruel as to abandon a small animal like that...or a larger one either for that matter.

We are running some spots for the Humane Society that point out that 73,000 dogs are euthanized in Mississippi every year and thousands more suffer in the streets and woods.  You can't blame animals for following nature's strong course.  But you can do something about the consequences.  Spaying and neutering would put an end to a lot of unnecessary suffering by our furry friends.  It can also prevent the spread of disease and even attacks by feral animals, like the dog that attacked an 18 month old little girl when she walked up and tried to pet it.  The dog was chained to a post and the owner is being investigated to see if the dog had been involved in fighting or had been abused.  We neutered our last dog and spayed the cat we got after he died as soon as she was old enough.  Call 601-544-5678 to find out more about doing your part to keep your pet from having unwanted off spring.  It is truly the humane thing to do.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's viewpoint...let us hear from you.

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