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Viewpoint - Scots Release Terrorist Bomber

I can't believe that Scotland...the country of Brave Heart...the country the Roman's couldn't contain...the country that spawned the ferocious kilted fighters the German's called the "Ladies from Hell"...the country of Sean Connery for crying out apparently getting a bit soft like some of those in this country. 

Or maybe, like us, they just have some activist judges who don't really reflect the will and legacy of the people.  I'm talking about the fact that they released the man convicted of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland that killed 270 people...including 189 Americans.  Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill  freed this mass murderer and terrorist because he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. 

He was a former Libyan intelligence officer was convicted in 2001 and sentenced to life in prison.  President Barack Obama said the decision to free Abdel al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds was a mistake and said he should be under house arrest at the very least.  Obama warned Libya not to give him a hero's welcome. 

However, the country that seemed so willing to renounce terror and dismantle their nuclear arms developments paid no heed whatsoever to the American President.  He was met by cheering throngs and treated like a hero.  

Families of U.S. victims had been promised that he would serve out his life sentence in Scotland. 

They, understandably are bitter over this decision.  Once again the world seems to be slipping back into the mindset that we really are not at war with terrorist around the world.  The threat from Islamic Extremists doesn't seem so dire as it once did.  People want to just move on and hope it has gone away.  It hasn't...and there is no sign that their resolve is weakening.  One has to look no further than what is going on in Afghanistan and Iran. 

 We have a long way to go before this war is won and showing this kind of weakness is unacceptable. 

 I'm Jim Cameron and that's my viewpoint.  Let me hear from you.

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