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Viewpoint: SEC Curtails Media

Ah the threshold of autumn!  Soon the air will be a bit cooler and crisper, the leaves will begin to change, kids are back in school, football season begins on all levels, and television stations start getting calls from fans complaining about the lack of coverage their particular team is getting.  Fans can't get enough coverage of their team and that is understandable.

However...if the Southeastern Conference and ESPN have their may not have much local coverage of your favorite SEC team.  You see, the SEC has limited local TV stations from showing highlights of their games to only three days after the game ends.  Unless they drop that policy you won't be able to see recaps later in the week or the season of prior game highlights. 

Additionally, only three minutes can be used and only in newscasts at that.  Under current rules, the SEC has forbidden news media from posting video fro games, practice, and news conferences on-line.  They don't want it on our websites-they want to use it only on their new SEC Digital network that will most likely charge you a fee to get it.

We, and a number of our sister stations have strongly urged the Southeastern Conference to drop these restrictive policies that will hurt their fans the most.

They seem to have forgotten that local media helps drive the fan interest that makes them successful enough to make megadeals with ESPN.  Remember too, these are public universities after all...playing in publically funded stadiums.  The fans deserve to enjoy coverage of their teams across all media outlets.

They have said they are going to revisit this issue due to the pressure from local stations.  They could meet as soon as Monday.  If you are a fan of the SEC and know someone at one of the schools to might urge them to put their fans first.

I'm Jim Cameron with today's Viewpoint Editorial...let us know what you think.

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