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Viewpoint: Dixie Youth Baseball

WDAM would like to welcome all our visitors as Laurel hosts the Dixie Youth World Series…with opening ceremonies tonight at 7:30 “between the bricks” at Laurel High Stadium.


Dixie Youth Baseball is a wonderful program that many people give of their time and talents to teach today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders about baseball, sportsmanship, and many other life lessons.  The teams from all over the South that are gathered in Laurel represent a lot of sacrifice, hard work and achievement and we are honored that Laurel was chosen to host this year’s World Series. 


We salute all the parents and families represented here…because that’s what Dixie Youth Baseball is all about…something the whole family can get involved with as they cheer on their player and team on and off the field.  There are many attractions in the Pine Belt Area of South Mississippi—and for sure some very good eating. 


So we wish all of you a great time as you stay in our area and enjoy what we have to offer.  We hope you take back only the fondest of memories and spread the word.  In the mean time…make yourselves at home.


 I’m Jim Cameron…as always, we’d like to hear from you.
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