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Hattiesburg pauses for 9/11

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - "May we remember and continue to remember," said American Legion Post 24 Chaplain, Cliff Evans. Remembrance was the theme Friday morning as the nation's colors flew high above the World Trade Center replica in downtown Hattiesburg.

"Today is a somber day and it'll never be forgotten," said Hattiesburg Police Chief Frazier Bolton.

Close to 3,000 people lost their lives eight years ago when terrorists hijacked two planes, crashing them into the twin towers which once stood in New York. Another plane hit the Pentagon while another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. It was the largest loss of life from a hostile attack by a foreign entity on American soil.

"There are folks out there that want to hurt this country, that want to hurt what we stand for and want to destroy us," said Hattiesburg Fire Chief David Webster.

On that day the lives of Americans changed, a similar change seen by an older generation once before. 

"As members of the veteran community we immediately thought back to Dec. 7, 1941, when our country was attacked before and we were at war that day. And it was just kind of a shock, we never thought that this country would be physically attacked again," said American Legion Post 24 Commander Ted Tibbett.

Sounds of solitude echoed down Main Street in honor of those innocent American lives of private citizens, police officers, firefighters and emergency crews and the honor doesn't stop with the dead.

"We commemorate not only those that lost their lives 8 years ago, but those that continue to serve not only here in Hattiesburg but across the country," said Webster.

"I reach out to this community and I ask you, let's not just memorialize our police officers on a day of memorial, but memorialize them everyday as they go out on their duties," said Bolton.

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