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Hattiesburg schools aim to reduce bullying

By Karrie Leggett | email

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg Public Shcool Resource Officer, Tony Davis said there are several different kinds of bullying. 

Victims of bullying are lashing out in dangerous ways, said Davis. 

Davis said, "it's kind of hard to identify, unless you see them playing a little too rough on the playground, or some rough housing going on you can stop it. Normally, the child has to come to you. Another adult, a parent, a teacher or somebody normally reports it."

Modern bullying can occur in many places online - like Facebook, Twitter and text messaging. This type of bullying may be worse because once harassing words are sent out it's instantaneous, and in some cases can be available for the entire school to see.

According to Davis, the main prevention starts at home."Open those lines of communication," he said. "If your child has a problem then you need to take the information and come and report it to school officials."

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