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Viewpoint - Which Way Out?

There is no question…health care is expensive.  The more life prolonging advances we make—the more expensive it gets…research and development are not free.  Nor are the hospitals and doctors needed to perform procedures that save lives that were destined to be cut short in the recent past.  As the recipient of life-saving heart surgery myself a few years ago, I certainly appreciate this fact in a very personal way.  The cost of insurance is more than many people can afford unless they are on a group plan where they work.  This has caused something of a crisis in health care and a very real conundrum in our country. Personally, I don’t think the ability to pay should be the determining factor in whether someone gets life saving treatment or not.  On the other hand, if one listens to the horror stories from countries where socialized medicine is practiced, that way seems even worse.  The system decides who gets seen by what doctor and the waiting list is prohibitively long.  People don’t get what they need consistently in a timely manner.  Certainly, government run health care that stifles research and development and gets involved in areas of a person’s life where they have no business is a scary thought. This universal health care plan working its way through Congress now is a Rubik’s cube of unintended consequences and enormous costs to taxpayers…in a time when the economy is in one of its worst crisis ever.  Indeed, universal health care, cap and trade, bailouts and stimulus plans may all be well intentioned…but is now the time to try to have it all?  You don’t go out and buy a new car when your bank account is overdrawn and you are head-over-heels in debt.   Certainly we have many needs.  But there is no way to meet them without the government getting their hands in the taxpayer’s pockets all the way to the elbow.  And if you think only the rich will bear that burden—you need a lesson in “Real Life 101”.  The inability of our government to say ‘no’ to spending over the years…and our ever increasing reliance on that spending has painted us into a corner from which every route of escape is fraught with peril.  To think we can escape without sacrifice is a fanciful flight.  We need to reach deep into the spirit of American ingenuity and grit and look within for the answers.  We can come out of this by tapping into the attitude of our forefathers.  But our problems have eclipsed government’s ability to solve them.  At least so it seems.  Let us hear your ideas. 
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